Monday, August 10, 2009

Benefits of Outsourcing

Have ideas for a blog but don’t know where to start? A website that you’ve been meaning to update but just haven’t gotten around to? These are the kinds of tasks that are made for outsourcing.

Just think: There are people out there that are more than happy to write a blog for you - for a small fee, of course. You give them the idea of what you would like to blog about and they, in turn, will research and write a blog just for you. In your blog, they’ll make sure to not only write a knowledgeable piece but one that subtly directs the reader to your website. Because, ultimately, that is the goal of a blog.

And once they get to that website, what do they see? A website that was hastily put together? One that needs updating? How about those little typos you’ve been meaning to fix? A website not only should inform a visitor of your business but ultimately turn that visitor into a buyer. A professional, well thought-out website is imperative to your business.

Outsourcing these kinds of tasks can not only save you time but bring the professional results you desire. Does it take money? Yes. A lot? No. There are many affordable outsourcing outlets to choose from. Most advertise their services on boards such as Craigslists, Virtual Assistant boards and many others. (Always make sure to ask for an example of their work before hiring.)

How much time would YOU spend doing these tasks? A couple of hours, at least, or more? A professional can pound these kinds of tasks out in an hour or two. And since time is money, this is cash well spent. While your outsourced project is quickly getting done by someone who does this for a living, you can spend quality time doing what you do for your living - building your business.

Since time is money, it’s a win-win situation all around!