Sunday, January 3, 2010

A New Year in Virtual Assisting

Well, I've been quite lax in maintaining my blog. However, it is a new year and I'm very excited about the prospects. My business is off and running. I have steady clients and not-so-steady clients, but clients all the same.

As I look back on this past year of starting up a new business, finding clients and delivering services as promised, I find that, though, it has been a struggle making ends meet, it has been a very fulfilling year.

I've accomplished my goals: never to work in an office (except my own) again; be able to choose who I work for (no more Devil Wears Khakis bosses); no more working long hours only to be layed off - unappreciated after years of dedication. I choose my own hours, work around my personal schedule and still have time for school (online degree) and family.

The work I do is enjoyable and satisfying. I've learned a great deal about other areas of business, particularly digital design (which is also the degree I'm pursuing) - such as designing book covers, logos and the like. I also have clients who are authors, non-profit organizations and small businesses.

My journey has taken me some time to discover the right path, but now that I have found it - I look forward to the many interesting people and places I'll meet along the way.

Happy New Year!